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"Through singing, we hope to let veterans who may be suffering know that there is hope for them."

-George Hill, Director, Songwriter, and New Directions Graduate









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Ed Keane Associates, Inc.

Phone: (617) 846-0067


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The New Directions Veterans Choir is an award winning a cappella group that sings renditions of doo-wop, soul, traditional gospel and popular music. The Choir is comprised primarily of men and women who have served proudly in the United States Military. Following their service to our country, they became homeless. New Directions gave them hope and direction. These talented veterans are an inspiration to others.


"Listening to a great choir is pleasure enough; listening to one composed of residents of New Directions makes the music all that sweeter. They have my undying support and admiration."
- Joe Mantegna, Celebrated Actor and Long-time Military Supporter


The New Directions Veterans Choir got their “big break” on NBC's "America's Got Talent” and since then has been featured on the NBC Nightly News and E! Entertainment Television. They have performed at over 100 venues and events, including "The Donny and Marie Show," the 2000 Democratic National Convention, and for members of the United States Congress. In doing so, they spread their message of hope and redemption to other vets who struggle today.


In 2006, the Choir took to the stage for a production of Michael McFall's Dirty White Tuxedo Pants and a Brown Paper Bag, the tale of a homeless and schizophrenic Vietnam veteran living on the streets of Los Angeles. Despite their show business forays, the New Directions Veterans Choir has never forgotten their humble roots or their message of hope and redemption.


"It's been said, 'What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.' I believe the most beautiful child of struggle is art. Witness the soulful, elegant sounds of the New Directions Veterans Choir. Survivors of war and homelessness, theirs is a song of healing, triumph and rebirth that the whole world needs to hear!"
- Paul Williams, Composer, Lyricist, Producer


George Hill, choir founder and director, was homeless for 12 years, living in and around MacArthur Park. A graduate of New Directions, Hill is also an employee at the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration and is studying for a degree in Computer Information Systems at California State University Los Angeles.

This group of men and women has something else in common: they can sing! The Choir embarks on its inaugural tour in Fall 2012 – see the cities where they will perform!

The New Directions Veterans Choir is available for corporate and private events. New Directions does request an honorarium for all performances in order to support our comprehensive services for veterans. For more information, or to schedule a performance, please contact Ed Keane Associates, Inc. at (617) 846-0067, or email:


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